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August 19, 2009


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Hi Ralu, when i lived in HK, i had a friend who made this pie and she used Mcvittie's cookies in lieu of Hobs nob and a combination of egg yolk and sweetened condensed milk for the dulce de leche (but i don't remember the ratio). It is indeed very yummy, and very very rich...definitely not something that you can have everyday. :-)

Thank you, Vivian. You can actually boil the condensed milk cans for 4 hours in water to get the dulce de leche but it's easier to just buy it. Besides the condensed milk cans could explode if there isn't enough water. I thought it was just a bit rich but not too rich.

the cans dont explode - you have to be sure there is always water in the pot. It is a rather rich dish but ever so yummy!

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